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Cohesion: High-Quality Household Survey Data for Public Health

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Cohesion is a platform that collects vital data at the household level through its mobile collection tool. Community Health Workers (CHWs) enlisted by the Community Health Units (CUs) currently use the tool to perform essential health activities such as maternal and newborn care, parent support groups, counseling, nutrition support, and immunizations.

Today, household data is one of the most important data sources for critical demographic and socio-economic statistics used by governments, academic researchers, and businesses worldwide to improve public health.

Improving Public Health with Modern Digital Data Collection Tools

Cohesion's Ground Zero program implemented the mobile phone platform in 2017 that gathered daily stool information at the household level and relayed it to an assigned CHW for intervention.

Based on from CHWs and product data, Cohesion was relaunched in July 2020 with a broader scope. Its core remains a data platform for household data, providing modern mobile digital data collection and processing tools for CHWs to improve data accuracy, generate insights based on historical data, and simplify data collection while enhancing accuracy.

Cohesion's health data structures are based on the Kenya Ministry of Health's monitoring and evaluation plan for community health services. However, third parties interested in plugging into the infrastructure enable CHWs to earn an additional income stream through contracted surveys, interviews, sales, or advertising at the household level.

Seeking Partners for Data Collaboration

Cohesion is seeking partners who can use existing datasets and work with us to define others in nutrition monitoring, household finances, dependencies, livestock assets and income, land use, ownership, and crop yield.

Digitally-enabled CHWs presents an opportunity for institutions and businesses to engage households across several sectors and granularity.

Overall, Cohesion empowers CHWs and creates sustainable economic opportunities while providing high-quality household survey data for public health. Reach out to partner with us to make an impact on the communities we serve.

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