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Cohesu Promotes Ecological Sanitation for a Healthier Lake Victoria

Cohesu is dedicated to promoting sustainable waste disposal and ecological sanitation practices around Lake Victoria. The goal of this project was to establish and sustain environmentally friendly waste disposal, with a focus on improving health through ecological sanitation. The project was based on the construction of Ecosan toilets for human waste disposal.

The funding coordinator provided micro-finance funding for the first Ecosan toilet, which was then operated by the Ramogi Self Help Group. The group charged an appropriate fee to the public and organized for the maintenance and cleaning of the toilet. Cohesu worked with SANA International to train the group in toilet maintenance and converting waste into fertilizer for potential improvement of agriculture and poverty reduction.

Ramogi Self Help Group is a well-organized group and has the capability for this kind of organization. Money collected is banked until the original amount given to Ramogi is repaid. This money becomes a revolving fund for future projects by various interested groups. Ramogi is eligible to borrow money again from the fund for future projects. Cohesu is committed to helping local communities become self-sustainable and develop the skills necessary for successful and long-term waste management solutions.

Cohesu believes that promoting sustainable waste disposal and ecological sanitation practices is crucial for the health and well-being of communities around Lake Victoria. The success of this project has shown that with the right tools and resources, local communities can take an active role in managing their waste and improving their health and environment.

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