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COHESU & Usoma : Water and Sanitation Committee Project

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

Usoma is a peri-urban community adjacent to Lake Victoria, approximately 8 kilometres from the city of Kisumu in Kenya. Despite being located close to a major municipality, Usoma

lacks access to municipal infrastructure, such as piped water or sewage facilities.

Residents rely on Lake Victoria as a main water source, as well as local wells, ponds and

streams. Open defecation is still an issue, providing opportunity for faecal contamination of

water sources, and the proliferation of gastrointestinal diseases. Many drinking water sources are heavily contaminated with biological

contaminants, making the water unsafe for consumption. Therefore, while access to lake water is not an issue for this community, access to safe water is.

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African Geographical Review:

One community’s journey to lobby for water in an environment of privatized water: is Usoma too poor for the pro-poor program?

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