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Cohesu Working to Provide Access to Safe Water in Usoma Village

Usoma Village is home to a number of health risks, including diarrhea diseases, malaria, HIV/AIDS, soil-transmitted diseases, and bilharzia. With HIV/AIDS rates past 16% in research projects, compared to a national average of less than 7%, the community has an urgent need for better health infrastructure.

However, the lack of access to municipal infrastructure like piped water and sewage facilities has created challenges for residents, who rely on contaminated water sources like Lake Victoria, local wells, ponds, and streams. Cohesu recognizes the importance of safe water and sanitation, and is working with the Usoma Water and Sanitation Committee to provide access to these basic needs.

To achieve its objectives, Cohesu is working with partners to divide the community into four quadrants and create a systematic process to provide access to safe water and sanitation. Despite the challenges faced by the community, progress is being made in the form of a sanitation block that is nearing completion.

The interlocking blocks used in the construction were manufactured locally by community youth, providing employment opportunities and encouraging community involvement in the project. Cohesu is committed to continuing its efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of the Usoma Village community, and donations to support its programs are always appreciated.

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