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ECOSAN Toilets

The main aim of this project was to establish and sustain environmentally friendly waste disposal around Lake Victoria in order to improve health through ecological sanitation. This project was based on the construction of Ecosan toilets for human waste disposal. A funding co-ordinator would provide micro-finance funding for the first Ecosan toilet.

Ramogi Self help group would then operate the toilet by charging an appropriate fee to the public. They would organize for the maintenance and cleaning of the toilet. Ramogi group is a well organized group, and has the capability for this kind of organization. Money collected is be banked until the original amount given to Ramogi is repaid. This money is intended to become a revolving fund for future projects by various interested groups. Ramogi would be eligible to borrow money again from the fund for future projects. The toilet would be built by SANA International, who will train Ramogi Self Help Group in maintenance of the toilets. The group is also be taught how to convert the waste into fertilizer for potential improvement of agriculture and poverty reduction.

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