• Dr. Diana Karanja

Cohesu & Lions Club Worms: Lwanda South Ward

Brian Ogembo and Mama Phyllis

In 2019, Cohesu, with support from Lions Club, Worms, from Germany, continued with their work in schools in Lwanda South Ward, where the Member of County Assembly, the Parents and Teachers Association, the Teachers and children worked very hard to reduce the prevalence of jiggers in their schools.

An integral part of Cohesu’s approach to jiggers treatment has been to make follow-ups at some of the homes of the most afflicted children. We had noticed that some of these children got reinfected during the school holidays when they spent all their time at home. We therefore followed a select group back to their homes to see the jiggers situation.

We were able to treat some of the family members of these children with great results. In one of these homes in Ebwiranyi village, Cohesu volunteers participated in not only treating the members of the households, but also in working together with the family to improve hygiene and nutrition by cleaning up, repairing the houses, and planting vegetables in the home.

Cohesu initially made a group visit to the home for assessment, followed by a group visit for jiggers treatment, clean up and vegetable garden.We found that although their house was structurally safe, the hygiene and nutritional situation was truly dire.We taught the young girls how to keep their house and utensils clean.We repaired their floor and showed them how to maintain it.

We built them a simple outdoor drying rack, and taught them how not to keep their utensils on the ground after washing them. We then assigned a Cohesu volunteer to make home follow-ups for jiggers treatment, by re-educating the girls on how to treat their jiggered feet and those of their great grandmother on a daily basis.

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