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Queens Health Outreach Programme With COHESU

The impact of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, water-borne and soil transmitted diseases on young people is a constant and growing concern for those charged with disease management and control. All this is complicated by peer pressure among the youth, the increasing usage and abuse of alcohol and drugs, poverty and poor nutrition. The impact on the youth and their family members who have to support those afflicted is often devastating, and has a high toll on their psychological and mental health.

Queens Health Outreach (QHO) and COHESU members spent six weeks in May and June

2012, working with young people in communities, and students in six schools in Sabatia constituency, in an effort to empower them with knowledge and skills for better health and personal development. QHO is a student-run NGO based in Canada, and is dedicated to promoting health through needs-based peer education initiatives both locally and internationally. In addition to publishing a web-based health and development publication students from diverse faculties at Queen’s University plan and implement health-based curriculums in elementary schools, high schools and various community groups. Their aim is to enhance their sustainability and effectiveness by partnering with likeminded Organizations wherever they work. You can link up with QHO on facebook!

Students who participated in the QHO/COHESU-2012 program were delighted with the

opportunity to be part of this experience. The exchange of culture was awakening, and the skills gained will make a lasting difference in the students’ lives. Many students said the leadership skills had already made an impact in their daily lives, with some becoming student leaders soon after the training. Those who did not participate are looking forward to future opportunities to participate in such a programme.

Participating schools

  • Keveye Girls Secondary School

  • Vokoli Girls Secondary School

  • Chavakali Boys Secondary School

  • Chandumba Mixed Day School

  • Bukulunya Mixed Secondary School

  • Ivona Mixed Day School

Community Participants:

  • Keveye community women

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