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Safe Drinking Water For Rural Communities in Western Kenya

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

SWAP Training : West Maragoli | 27, February 2009

Focus : Safe Water, Sanitation & HIV AIDS

A one day Risk Communication day, facilitated by Safe Water and AIDS Program (SWAP) of

Kisumu, was held by COHESU for water-borne diseases and HIV at Keveye, Sabatia

Constituency. The target group for the awareness day was a women’s group consisting of

widows. The idea was however so popular that other women groups and men requested to

attend. This interest by many groups was very exciting for the organizers, and all interested

persons were allowed to attend.


  • To provide risk communication and general health information on safe water, sanitation,

  • malaria and HIV/AIDS to a rural community

  • To provide a forum for discussion on health issues between different groups

  • To create awareness on the close linkages between water and disease.

There was active participation of men in health awareness campaign. This was considered

critical because of their role as heads of many households in rural communities. They are

often in charge of the financial decision making for the family. Men who attended this

awareness day participated actively in discussions on issues concerning water safety and

HIV/AIDS prevention.

Focus of discussion:

  • Water purification

  • Safe water storage vessels

  • Mosquito repellent

  • HIV/AIDS – Condoms use demonstration

  • Skin infection Treatment

  • High protein flour better nutrition

  • Sanitary pads

  • Diapers

Participants and facilitators took time to visit the Keveye Women group pottery making site, where a kiln donated by GTZ was in active use. Pottery produced here is used for safe storage of water. The organizers were very encouraged at the lively and free discussion on HIV/AIDS by both men and women. The participants displayed a hunger for knowledge on health issues, which showed a niche for social marketing of health information for behavior change

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