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Sanitary pads for the girl child

COHESU initiated a sanitary pads program for girls in schools in which we have programs on soil transmitted diseases such as jiggers. COHESU gives TOMS shoes and sandals to needy children in these schools, and sadly some of these pupils have never worn shoes previously. Needless to say, many girls in these schools struggle to retain their dignity and attend school for several days each month of the year, simply because they are unable to afford sanitary pads.

This has been shown to keep many girls out of school for a good proportion of the year. The products for our program include disposable and reusable pads, providing an alternative and affordable approach to sanitary pad challenges. We are offering Kits designed to last for an entire school term or year, allowing the girls to attend school without worrying about their menses.

This programme can also provide parents the relief to know that their girls are confident and comfortable for proper learning. Join us by making donations for those girls who, due to unfortunate circumstances, cannot afford to buy the pads. Contact us and let us know that you want make a donation that will keep these girls in school. Our Organization and its membership greatly appreciate your gifting generosity and we know that it will generate goodwill among those whose lives will be changed by this giving. We are appealing to your support to make this drive a success.

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