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The Joyland Special School: Supporting A Love For Reading

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The Joyland Special School started in 1974 by the Salvation Army as a school for physically challenged children with an aim to develop a sense of social responsibility within the community by providing an equal opportunity for children with special needs.

COHESU first linked up with Joyland through a request from a youth hockey team to provide shoes and or slippers to the children, the majority of who are physically handicapped. 

During the shoes giving, we realized that the children tended to sit around during their free time.  We never saw any children with reading material and we wondered if they had a library.  We thought that if they had a library, maybe some of them could spend time there both for pleasure reading and to improve their working skills. 

We made enquiries and were told that there was no library.  There were some books, but they were locked up in a small room.COHESU had some books which we decided to give to the school, but on condition that they were kept in a room where the children could access during their free time.  The school then showed COHESU a large room and said we could use it for that purpose. 

We would love to turn this room into a true library, but meanwhile, we have availed the books, and the excitement of the children at being able to access the books has been humbling.  They pick the books and read them on the floors, under the trees and anywhere else! 

There are five kinds of assistance we are looking for in order to create a reading space for the children of Joyland:

Book Shelves

There are two types of shelves needed.  One is a smaller one that will rest upon the walls. The second type are bigger, and will be in the centre of the room. 

We estimate that the room can hold 8 small shelves and 4 bigger shelves.

  • The smaller shelf costs approximately $50.00.

  •  The bigger shelf costs approximately $150.00. 

Reading tables

The children need some tables, which can hold wheel chairs.  We estimate that four tables will be adequate for the room.  Each table costs approximately $100.00

Painting and Floor

The room needs some paintwork and floor maintenance.  These two items are estimated at $300.00


The current toilets attached to the room are in need of some repairs.

Most of the books that COHESU gave were donated from schools in America.  We would like to purchase some local content books and some that can be read by the 1st and 2nd graders, who right now can only look at the pictures of the books available.  Story books for 1st and 2nd graders cost on average $3.00

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