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Total War Against HIV and AIDS (TOWA) Project

HIV/AIDS is a major health problem in Kenya, negatively impacting the nation’s efforts to

improve both social and economic development. Recent comprehensive statistics on HIV/AIDS in Kenya reveal the fact that the war on HIV/AIDS transmission in the country requires much greater efforts both in the urban and the rural areas, and that particular attention must be paid to women and youth, who are still bearing the brunt of the scourge. Strategies are needed that will continuously monitor and sustain pressure for behavior change even as the search for effective and safe treatment and vaccines continues.

The work proposed in this Total War Against HIV and AIDS proposal seeks to influence and cause behavior change among the youth in Sabatia Constituency, Western Kenya through provision of accurate information on HIV/AIDS to the youth, youth debates and discussions, focus group discussions, art and drama clubs in schools and through enlisting and training women and men in the community to act as educators and mentors of young girls and boys for HIV/AIDS prevention.

Community Health Support Programme (COHESU) is interested in using the school and community Mentors and our Resource Center for counseling and information delivery to help the youths whom we can capture both within schools and the community

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